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Social Media Marketing Services


Marketing Strategy

We work with you to identify your business goals and put a social media plan in place to get you the results you want.

Management Packages

We can optimise your social accounts, create and post outstanding content, and manage your audience.

Paid Advertising

Maximise your returns – we make sure your content is seen at the right time, in the right place, and by the right people.

Branding & Graphic Design

We create custom graphical content for your social media branding and eye-catching advertising.

Video Marketing

Video has absolutely dominated social platforms. Stand out from the crowd with our incredible video designs.

Website Integration

Increase traffic for your social channels and your website with automated content sharing.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A clear strategy defines what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. Let us help you identify your social goals, engage your audience, and optimise your results.

  • Identifying social goals
  • Audit your social media accounts for improvements
  • Design strategies based on the goals
  • Competitor analysis & case studies
  • Extensive hashtag research using special tools
  • 1:1 advice session
  • Comprehensive report

Social Media Management

Social media management develops and maintains lasting relationships with your audience. It is crucial for the growth of your business.

We can optimise your social accounts and create and manage content calendars with relevant posts. We can also join in conversations around trending stories to foster a much stronger connection between your business and your audience

  • Profile setup & optimisation for search engines
  • Content planning, design, and production
  • Scheduled posting with optimised timing
  • Communication with your clients
  • Analytics & report
  • Genuine support from the Sunshine Coast (not offshore)

Social Media Advertising

By utilising social media platforms, businesses can target ads based on facts like location, gender, age, and other page likes, honing in on those who best match your ideal buyers’ personas and target demographics.

We can help you with planning, designing, and managing your ads end-to-end. We make sure your content is seen at the right time, in the right place, and by the right people.

  • Building the best advertising strategy within your budget
  • Tailored ad designs according to social media requirements
  • Eye-catching ad creation using images, videos & animations
  • Campaign execution, monitoring, and tuning
  • Performance reports – traffic analysis, lead cost, conversion ratio

Social Media Design

Your brand should be the consistent face of your business across all social media platforms, including profiles, posts, and advertisements.

We deliver high-quality designs at an affordable price with guaranteed satisfaction and unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied 

  • Cover banner designs for all social media platforms
  • Cost-effective design packages of 10, 30, 50 posts
  • Advertising banners
  • Instagram grid layouts
  • GIF & animation creation
  • Video clips with your brand & products
  • Infographic designs

Video Marketing For Social Media

Consumers like videos because they are easy to digest, provide entertainment, and engage their interest. Videos give a huge return on investment (ROI) across all social channels.

infoTube10x specialises in creating and using impressive videos for social posting and advertising. We offer a variety of video/animation production services.

  • Production of short videos (5, 10, 30 seconds) for advertising
  • Animated explainer video production
  • Whiteboard animation production
  • Professional video editing
  • Video size & quality optimisation for each social media platform
  • YouTube video production & editing
  • YouTube marketing packages

Website Integration

Having a seamlessly connected digital presence on social media and your website can increase traffic and improve the meaningful interactions you have with your customers

infoTube10x offers a range of services to link your website with your social media channels for content sharing. It saves you time on social media marketing significantly by automating the marketing process

  • Social media icons/links on your website
  • Blog creation with search engine optimisation
  • Automated social posting (website blog content → social media)
  • Social live feed (social media content → website)
  • Content writer hiring & content creation

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