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Website Maintenence Services Hyderabad

Keeping your website up-to-date and secure is essential for online success. If you don’t have ongoing maintenance & support, it can cost you. It may take days to fix technical issues, while content loss and hacking set back your business financially
infoTube10x offers professional website maintenance services to ensure your site is always running smoothly. We are an award-winning website development company in Hyderabad that has been providing reliable maintenance for hundreds of websites. From updating content to fixing broken links and adding a new feature, our experts are here to help. We offer both website maintenance packages and on-demand support, so you can choose the level of support that’s right for you.

Website Maintenance Packages

These services are like having an on-call web master. You don’t have to worry about a thing related to your website; we’ll take care of all website updates, edits, and troubleshooting for you.

On-Demand Maintenance

¬†We offer tailored support services to assist you in website maintenance, including website revamping and fixing technical issues. You can simply call or email us and get help when it’s needed most.

Website Services

  This service is like having a maintenance service for your car. Our Website Services ensure your site remains up-to date with the latest changes, eliminating any problems before they start.

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance packages are perfect for those who want to make sure their sites stay up-to date and error free. Our team will do everything from image changes, fixing problems or even restoring a backup in case something goes wrong.  You can save big by buying one simple package that includes both website maintenance as well as website hosting.

Basic Cover for Business Websites
(Hosting + Updates + Monitoring)
  • ¬†Standard Website Hosting *(Fast Servers in Hyderabad)
  • ¬†WordPress Core Update
  • ¬†Themes & Plugins Update
  • ¬†Nightly Backups
  • ¬†24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • ¬†24/7 Security Monitoring
  • ¬†Software Licenses (For Sites By infoTube10x)
  • ¬†Support via Ticket System
Perfect for Business Websites
(Hosting + Updates + Content + Care)
  • ¬†Unlimited Content Updates
  • ¬†24/7 Help Desk
  • ¬†1-Hour Additional On-Demand Support
  • ¬†Domain Management¬†¬†(Inc. Name Server Hosting)
  • ¬†Google Analytics¬†Setup
  • ¬†Monthly Website Reports
  • ¬†Up To 20-Page Website
Ideal for Functional Sites
(eg, eCommerce, eLearning, Membership)
  • Priority Support
    (Dedicated Email & Phone)
  • Up To 2-Hour Additional
    On-Demand Support
  • Advanced Website Hosting *
    (High-End Servers in AU)
  • eCommerce Updates
  • eLearning Updates
  • Membership Site Updates
  • Complex Forms Updates
  • Booking Systems Updates
Best for Complex Sites
(eg, Marketplace, Large eCommerce)
  • Up To 7-Hour Additional
    On-Demand Support
  • Premium Website Hosting *
    (Dedicated Servers in AU)
  • Large eCommerce Updates
  • Marketplace Updates
  • Corporate Site Updates

On-Demand Website Maintenance & Support

We provide our clients with a range of tailored support services to assist them, including website revamping, fixing technical issues, software updates, content updates, helpdesk assistance, and a lot more.  Contact us when it‚Äôs needed most.

Ask Us for Help When Needed
  • Software Updates
  • ¬†Content Updates
  • ¬†Domain Management
  • ¬†Hacking Recovery
  • ¬†Performance Optimisation
  • ¬†Image Optimisation
  • ¬†Caching System Setup
  • ¬†Firewall Setup
  • ¬†Fixing Technical Issues
  • ¬†New Page Design
  • ¬†Adding New Features
  • ¬†Complex Sites Updates
           (eCommerce, eLearning, Membership, ..)
Keep your site up to date
  • ¬†Offsite Backup
  • ¬†WordPress Version Update
  • ¬†WordPress Theme Updates
  • ¬†Update & Test For Each Plugin
  • ¬†Firewall Configuration Check
  • ¬†Comprehensive Security Scans
  • ¬†Visual Checking For Each Page
  • ¬†1-2 Services/Year Recommended

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